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Laser Hair Reduction

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Removal of unwanted body hair can be a very inconvenient and time taking process. Why inconvenient? Because tweezing is painful, razor can give you razor burns and waxing is again quite painful as and you may have to deal with skin allergies sometimes if you have a sensitive skin. Body hair removal is not only a matter of concern for women but men as well. The most common areas for hair removal in women include face, neck, arms, underarms, stomach, bikini area and legs. While in men the most common treatment areas are face (beard shaping), chest, shoulders, arms, stomach and legs. Laser hair reduction is one of the most predictable processes – it turns out to be successful in a majority of the cases. However, some precautions need to be taken both prior to and post the treatment.

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Removal of unwanted body hair It is recommended that no plucking or waxing of hair is done at least 6 weeks prior to the treatment. These procedures temporarily remove the hair follicles and hence become unaffected by laser rays for as long as a month and a half. Also, it is better to avoid facing the sun for a few weeks before and after the laser treatment. Laser removing clinic in Surat also suggests that you take anything between 4-6 sittings over a gap of 3-4 weeks for achieving optimum results
The surgery takes a few hours depending on the extent of the scar.
It is an outpatient procedure. Usually patients return home the same day.
The risks of scar removal are minimal; however, it may include changes in skin color (Hyperpigmentation or Hypopigmentation).
Generally, they are permanent. Repeated follow- ups are required so that creams to further reduce the scars can be advised.
You should begin to see results within the first week after treatment, but it can take up 6 months or more for the scar to fully heal.